Stanley Milstein - Furlough 55

Hugh Milstein

Perceval Press, ISBN 9780977486922,
Hb, 88 pgs, 16 x 24cm
74 ills
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Furlough 55 takes us back to the relatively innocent time and place that was post-World War II Europe through the eyes of photographer Stanley Milstein, U.S. Army Specialist, Second Class. A creative and inquisitive young man leaving his native Brooklyn for the first time, he captured in carefully-composed black and white portraits and landscapes an ephemeral historical moment, bearing witness to a largely-vanished era of European-American fellowship and hope. Now, fifty years later, his original negatives have been lovingly restored and used to make the captivating images that his son, printer Hugh Milstein, has provided for this book. Includes a dialogue between Viggo Mortensen and Hugh Milstein during the conceptual stages of Furlough 55.