Michael Patterson-Carver - Free Speech Zone

Harrell Fletcher

Four Corners Books, ISBN 9780956192820,
Hb, 96 pgs, 22 x 22cm
60 ills
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Self-taught artist Michael Patterson-Carver reflects the voice of the disenfranchised, oppressed, and silenced and the dissatisfaction of many in the US (and elsewhere) with the status quo. This work is a collection of Patterson-Carver's satirical critics of the right-wing powers that be and celebrations of the ordinary voices of extraordinary political and social change. It is a left that Patterson-Carver always presents smiling, as they are quite sure of their success. This is the first monograph on the artist, edited by artist Harrell Fletcher, with a discussion between Fletcher and White Columns director Matthew Higgs, and an introduction by Patterson-Carver.