Kasmin's Postcards - Elders

Trivia Press, ISBN 9780995474468,
Pb, 124 pgs, 15 x 20cm
100 ills
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It is no longer such a rare thing to know someone who lives a hundred years or even more, or at least to know of such a survivor among one's circle of friends; perhaps a grandparent or a far relation clocking up years without notoriety. When these postcards were made in a society that called attention to achieving a century of life, it was a happy (usually) being that was photographed and congratulated on an extraordinary event. In small French communities, it was perhaps seen as a shared event, reflecting the healthiness of the locality and the value of rural living; in mountainous regions like Bolivia, a sign of the benefits of pure air; in the USA, the blessing of plenty of nourishment and medical care; and everywhere, a reward of fortune and fate.