Carla Rak - Eyes As Oars, A Visual Journey To Mars

Danilo Montanari Editore, ISBN 9788885449268,
Pb, 128 pgs, 12 x 17cm
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Visual artist Carla Rak works mainly with photography, collage, textiles, and writing. Her work is often connected with collecting, wherein already existing images are the raw material she uses to question the photographic image, and the starting point to play with their ambiguity and with the transformation of their meanings through time and contexts, enacting different processes to liberate pictures from their solidified histories. With 'Eyes as Oars' she seeks to reaffirm our sight as a tool for exploration. Its visual journey appears as a kaleidoscope of images, photos, charts, and illustrations, disorienting at first glance. Extensive captions and credits of the images are gathered at the end.