Lautner A-Z - An Exploration Of The Complete Built Work

Jr Kikkert T Saariste

ArtEZ Press, ISBN 9789491444418,
Pb, 352 pgs, 17 x 24cm
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Through no fault of his own, John Lautner's contributions to Modern architecture have been widely recognized only in the last ten or fifteen years. Even so, he still remains an enigma for some critics. We still have more to learn - and understand - about how he expanded the boundaries of Modern architecture. After years of research, Tycho Saariste and Jan-Richard Kikkert's book adds an invaluable resource for our understanding of Lautner. This book contains a description of the research and the travels to all built Lautner houses. It also contains a description of these houses and photographs the authors made during their visits. With an introduction by American architecture expert Alan Hess.