To Evelyn - Posters From The Stars

Liv Siddall

CentreCentre, ISBN 9781916412125,
Hb, 192 pgs, 17 x 25cm
192 ills
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To Evelyn is a collection of local entertainers’ posters from a working men’s club in a small Yorkshire pit village. Originally collected in the 1990s by local personality Evelyn Short and now assembled by her grandson David, the posters are a celebration of a bygone era. Pre-internet and social media, this was one of the few ways to create another you, presenting an identity far removed from the day to day. The book explores national identity and sense of self, reminding us that with the right imagination we can transform into anyone or anything. The posters, many signed "To Evelyn" celebrate those identities, the weekend superstars, in all their glory.