Patrick Staff - The Prince of Homburg. Johanna Hedva and Isabel Waidner

Isabel Waidner Johanna Hedva

Dundee Contemporary Arts, ISBN 9781999322335,
Pb, 32 pgs, 13 x 21cm
Acqn. 29666
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This new chapbook has been published on the occasion of Patrick Staff's solo exhibition The Prince of Homburg at Dundee Contemporary Arts. This exhibition debuts a major video installation and series of sculptural works reinterpreting 19th century German writer Heinrich von Kleist’s play of the same name. It features two new experimental texts commissioned as part of the project by writer and critical theorist Isabel Waidner, and artist, writer and performer Johanna Hedva. Waidner's response to Staff's work takes the form of a new experimental play that attempts to rethink resistance to power from a queer working-class perspective. It also includes autobiographical material in relation to the queer migrant experience in the 1990s, contemporary cultural references, and some thoughts on the elitism of canonical literature. Hedva's text comprises an astrological reading given by Hedva to Staff on 7 May 2019 concerning the joint suicide of Heinrich von Kleist and Henriette Vogel on 21 November 1811.