Kasmin's Postcards - Deft

Trivia Press, ISBN 9781999307745,
Pb, 120 pgs, 15 x 20cm
105 ills
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A collection of skills – work that fingers do, under and over, in and out, braiding, stitching, weaving and twining. This is how baskets are made, and carpets, a suits and skirts, and all of them require nimble hands and patience. Now we call much of this labour ‘craft’, but in the early 1900s, when postcard publishers sought to entertain and educate the public, such makings were the only methods available, and thus designated ‘work’. The common thread to this selection of images is indeed thread – fibre, yarn, cord, straw, silk and stalk. Those who bought these products respected and valued them in a different manner than us, who use and abandon factory good carelessly. Machines don’t mind. Mending is almost ended.