Frederiko Brugia - 51

Pocko Press Ltd., ISBN 9781903977514,
Hb, 68 pgs, 30 x 22cm
459 ills
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51 Possible Stories. The idea behind this book is based on my desire to breathe life back into something that could, in some way, be re-elaborated, in the same way that a DJ re-mixes sound clips. All this began with the exploration of a few images from their original context - advertising, personal photographs, casing shots, location searches, etc. - (re)treating them as fragments of a discussion or stories that this book only intends to suggest, leaving those who wish to flip through its pages the possibility of interpreting them according to their own personal sensitivities or fantasies. Federico is a director. Federico is a brilliant director that makes ads. He manages to wrap the product being sold in an aura that is mysterious, epic or fleetingly poetic. The world of advertising deals with the art of the immediate and, by its very nature, it is light and fast. We consume it rapidly, often distractedly. Its lifespan is extremely short. The place of contemporary life forces us to accept a fast and constantly changing rhythm, as we cause after the latest trend, which continually reinvents and renews itself. To quote a slogan from one of Brugia's commercials "suddenly everything looks older" - Bartolomeo Pietromarchi.