The Grand Domestic Revolution Goes On

Bedford Press, ISBN 9781907414145,
Pb, 144 pgs, 17 x 24cm
10 ills
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Binna Choi and Maiko Tanaka, with Peter Bakker, John Curl, Dolores Hayden and Marina Vishmidt. Co-published by Bedford Press and Casco, this publication is a reflection and MIDTERM MANUAL for ongoing artistic and design research and activities for User's Manual: The Grand Domestic Revolution. Features include surveys of contemporary cooperative and co-housing movements, an essay linking artistic and domestic labour and an interview with Dolores Hayden, author of the original The Grand Domestic Revolution, a chronicle of 19th-century material feminist design movement in the United States. With an overview of the project processed thus far and extracts offered from the evolving project library, this publication is a proposition for readers to engage with the collective research process of GDR.