Mona Hatoum - Remains to be Seen

White Cube, ISBN 9781910844366,
Hb, 119 pgs, 24 x 30cm
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Hatoum's work reflects on subjects that arise from our current global condition, including systems of confinement, the architecture of surveillance and themes of mobility and conflict. Channelling the poetic charge and metaphoric resonance of a wide range of materials from steel, brick and concrete, to rubble, glass and human hair, in this exhibition she explores the elemental forms of the grid and the sphere, drawing on both the geometric rigour of Minimalist sculpture and the possibilities for its formal collapse. This catalogue accompanies the major new installation Remains to be Seen (2019), in which heavy, industrial building materials are transformed into a light, suspended cube. Created from rows of steel rebar that are punctuated with what looks like chunks of concrete flooring, it hovers just above the ground in perfect vertical and horizontal alignment, as if a multi-story building has been reduced to the mere skeletal lines and indices of the original structure.