K - Martin Kippenberger's "The Happy End Of Franz Kafka's Amerika" Accompanied By Orson Welles' Film

Fondazione Prada, ISBN 9788887029789,
Hb, 448 pgs, 13 x 17cm
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MARTIN KIPPENBERGER'S "THE HAPPY END OF FRANZ KAFKA'S AMERIKA" ACCOMPANIED BY ORSON WELLES' FILM "THE TRIAL" AND TANGERINE DREAM'S ALBUM "THE CASTLE" "K" is a project that features three elements in dialogue with each other: the fundamental work by German artist Martin Kippenberger The Happy End of Franz Kafka's "Amerika", the iconic Orson Welles film The Trial and the electronic music album The Castle by Tangerine Dream. The project, curated by Udo Kittelmann, refers to three unfinished novels by Franz Kafka: Amerika (America), Der Prozess (The Trial) and Das Schloss (The Castle) published posthumously between 1925 and 1927. The exhibited artworks are personal readings of Kafka's subjects and atmospheres, possible interpretations of his three novels which, according to Max Brod, form a "trilogy of solitude". As underlined by Udo Kittelmann, "we may also view 'K' as a triptych, an exhibition that resembles a tripartite, triple-layered picture. The three parts can be read together as a remarkable allegory of the vicissitudes of life, or, in Kafka's words: 'All these parables really set out to say merely that the incomprehensible is incomprehensible, and we know that already.'"