Claudia Van Eeden - Coo-ee!

Perimeter Editions, ISBN 9780648680123,
Pb, 86 pgs, 20 x 26cm
Acqn. 31065
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'Coo-ee!' is a loving and caring celebration of a land that is both beautiful and brutal, hardy and vulnerable. Melbourne-based artist Claudia Van Eeden crafts a vibrantly optimistic ode to the landscape, iconography, and visual language of Australia. Presenting her work as a travel diary of sorts, where every page features an original painting, she renders the scenery, weather, passers-by, and native flora and fauna in loose, playful brushstrokes. Van Eeden celebrates Australia in a way that balances humour with sincerity in a style that extends beyond kitsch to rest somewhere closer to that of naive art.