Musa Okwonga - In The End, It Was All About Love

Musa Okwonga

Rough Trade Books, ISBN 9781912722938,
Pb, 132 pgs, 13 x 17cm
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The narrator arrives in Berlin, a place famed for its hedonism, to find peace and maybe love; only to discover that the problems which have long haunted him have arrived there too, and are more present than ever. As he approaches his fortieth birthday, nearing the age where his father was killed in a brutal revolution, he drifts through this endlessly addictive and sometimes mystical city, through its slow days and bottomless nights, wondering whether he will ever escape the damage left by his father's death. With the world as a whole more uncertain, as both the far-right and global temperatures rise at frightening speed, he finds himself fighting a fierce inner battle against his turbulent past, for a future free of his fear of failure, of persecution, and of intimacy. In The End, It Was All About Love is a journey of loss and self-acceptance that takes its nameless narrator all the way through bustling Berlin to his roots, a quiet village on the Uganda-Sudan border. It is a bracingly honest story of love, sexuality and spirituality, of racism, dating, and alienation; of fleeing the greatest possible pain, and of the hopeful road home. Each book cover is a one-off as we've asked screenprinter extraordinaire Dan Mather to hand-screenprint the blended coloured ink across each sheet of paper, before cutting it and printing the text, meaning that every single publication is unique and individual, and each as beautiful as the next.