Giovanni Zaffagnini - Stairway To Heaven - Interior With Books

Eugenio Baroncelli

Danilo Montanari Editore, ISBN 9788885449640,
Pb, 64 pgs, 24 x 30cm
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In this book, Italian photographer Giovanni Zaffagnini collects the shots he has taken of a number of private libraries, wherever they may exist. Some are obviously situated in living rooms, studies, ateliers, or attic spaces, while the locations of others might be a bit more surprising. These fascinating images of densely packed auxiliary spaces, overflowing cabinets, or shelves of books from floor to ceiling are certainly any bibliophile's dream, yet depending on the type of books and how they are organised, Zaffagnini's photographs also leave us searching for clues as to the individuals behind these collections. Libraries, after all, can be deceptive. With a text by Eugenio Baroncelli.