Emma Talbot - Ghost Calls

Dundee Contemporary Arts, ISBN 9781999322397,
Pb, 72 pgs, 12 x 19cm
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Ghost Calls is a new book published as part of Emma Talbot's exhibition Ghost Calls at Dundee Contemporary Arts in winter 2021. It contains an introduction by DCA's Director, Beth Bate, newly commissioned writing by Helen Charman and So Mayer, as well as a conversation between the artist and DCA's Head of Exhibitions, Eoin Dara. Charman's work Worm-Talk recognises our separation through screens and windows, and the almost narcotic relief of online connection, against the backdrop of nature taking its dark, inevitable course, its "grudging necromancy". Mayer's Listen to the State of Us brings spectral bird-like figures into a post-pandemic society, with all of the references to viruses, vaccinations and mutations we recognise from 2020, along with a "sky full of words" and "fabric we paint finely" that connects us back into Talbot's work, through mathematics and data, grain and skin. Finally, in their conversation together, Talbot and Dara talk about the development of the artist's recent work, weaving together intimate details and observations with references to influential literary and poetic sources from Luce Irigaray to Diane di Prima.