Divided States - Ben Elwes

Ben Elwes, ISBN 9781999917517,
Hb, 224 pgs, 21 x 26cm
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Divided States is an award-winning photographic journal of an epic 8000-mile American road trip Ben Elwes made by car, covering 13 states as well as Washington, DC, capturing a seismic, historic moment – the 2016 presidential election. Travelling for over a month Elwes witnessed the final days of the election campaigns and the immediate aftermath of Election Day on 8th November 2016. Although the election is the backdrop to the journey Divided States is anything but a dreary political report. The 157 images viscerally drop you right back into that critical moment of change in America, and the words are a fresh take on the situation. Divided States is now a significant document as it provides an account evoking the seconds before America set off on a dark period of its history with the firestorm of the trump presidency, a chapter that is now indelibly inked on to the pages of the history books of our era.