BEEF! A Guide by Wilfrid Wood (RT#44)

Rough Trade Books, ISBN 9781914236082,
Pb, 38 pgs, 14 x 21cm
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BEEF! is a simple card game for two or more players where you are required to find the other half of a feuding couple. The aim is to collect as many pairs as possible. Based on our love of the cult Go Fish! game, the artist Wilfrid Wood here imagines the pairs as sets of antagonists in popular culture's seemingly endless beefs, simultaneously creating a new deck and form for his subtle illustrations. A pairs game for the contemporary age-a satirical artwork for an epoch of never-ending arguments, spats and tantrums. After dumping a career in graphics, Wilfrid plunged into prop making at cult classic British TV show, Spitting Image. Here he learnt his trade as an 'apprentice headbuilder', starting in the 'Eyeballs and Blinks' department then moving on to 'Dogs and Sheep'. Twenty-five years later he is now a portrait artist. His subjects are celebrities, invented characters, friends and strangers.