Robert Rubbish - The Poetess of The Pyramids: Notes Towards A Fictional Memoir (RT#46)

Robert Rubbish

Rough Trade Books, ISBN 9781914236099,
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An Egyptian poet exiled in Paris becomes the best-known female surrealist poet and author of 16 books of poetry. The Poetess of the Pyramids explores her inner world, her thoughts and the experiences of her colourful life told through a series of imaginary notes toward her memoirs, sketching a portrait of our hero, her days spent smoking cigars on cafe terraces and drifting across the city of light searching for objects of desire and magic with the lion at her side. Robert Rubbish studied at the Royal College of Art in London and is noted as one of the founders of the hugely influential Le Gun magazine. He has produced largely autobiographical works across a range of different media such as film, posters, typography, drawings and paintings and rose to prominence as part of the semi-fictitious artist duo 'The Rubbishmen' who inhabited the salubrious drinking dens and sleazy underworld of London's Soho. His new works, inspired by Paris, continue to explore his fascination with bohemian intellectualism using humour and wit.