Babak Ganjei - Art Is The Thing Nobody Asked You To Do (RT#46)

Babak Ganjei

Rough Trade Books, ISBN 9781914236105,
Pb, 42 pgs, 14 x 21cm
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In a series of humorous, wry and deceptively wise reflections, Babak Ganjei presents us with a radical new take on the artists' manifesto. Examining motivation, inspiration and influence, these deft pieces of prose flesh out the internal life of a working artist right now. In Art is The Thing Nobody Asked You To Do, Ganjei attempts to make sense of why he does the things he does, and tries to convince himself it's ok for it to work out. Babak Ganjei graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from Central Saint Martins in 2001. Since then, he has been working independently as an artist and musician, writing comic books and making comedy shorts for Channel 4 and hosting regular radio shows on NTS.