Dane Lovett - Flowers

Perimeter Editions, ISBN 9780648680147,
Pb, 104 pgs, 22 x 29cm
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Dane Lovett's flower paintings both embrace and eschew their historical, thematic, and allegorical roots. Dark and subtly tonal in palette, the works in his debut book reflect as equally on minimalism and seriality as they do on the still life. This intriguing dynamic expands and further articulates the Australian artist's culturally savvy and highly referential painting practice. Besides other works portraying waterlilies and foxgloves, Lovett recasts French artist Henri Fantin-Latour's still life 'Flowers: Tulips, Camellias, Hyacinths' (1864) in numerous murky, monochromatic iterations - a single vase of flowers as a site for sustained painterly exploration, variation, and rhythm.