Maryam Salour - Selected Works

Maryam Salour

Nazar Research Cultural Inst, ISBN 9786001523144,
Hb, 316 pgs, 32 x 25cm
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Described as a polyvalent artist, Iranian ceramist, sculptor, and painter Maryam Salour excels at these three disciplines without confusing them. Yet there is still a connection between the three. Whether she innovates the technique of ceramics by creating a blend of usual colours, or she projects delicate forms in sculpture that arise from contradictory forces, or she imitates the ruggedness of mineral nature in painting, we stand to witness the multiple metamorphoses of the earth itself. In Salour’s poetic works, everything seems to be a function of the ethereal movement of creation, which culminates in realising the infinite sense of beauty honoured, both transfigured and new.