Patrick Rohner - Mass Movements

J. M. Hedinger

Vexer Verlag, ISBN 9783907112465,
Pb, 344 pgs, 22 x 29cm
Acqn. 32117
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The most comprehensive monograph to date on the work of Swiss artist Patrick Rohner brings together all the key groups of works from the last twenty years, showing for the first time the entire range of media in which the artist expresses himself. Alongside painting, drawing, photography and film, recent years have seen installation, public space, action, video and new media enter the frame. The publication lends insights into Rohner's methodology, research tools and attempts to create systems of order; into his extensive collections of materials and archival systems, his detailed notation of the work and his consistent positioning of it. The breadth of this work is also reflected in the catalogue texts: many of the contributions come from experts outside the art world: a testament to both the expansive range of Rohner's interests and to the increasingly transdisciplinary expression of his core understanding of his work.