Rae-Yen Song ▷▥◉▻

J J Chan

Dundee Contemporary Arts, ISBN 9781838271121,
Pb, 52 pgs, 15 x 15cm
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This catalogue is published as part of Glasgow-based artist Rae-Yen Song’s solo exhibition at DCA. The book contains newly commissioned writing on Song's practice by artist and writer JJ Chan, alongside full colour images of the exhibition and a selection of Song's vibrant drawings on paper, digital drawings, an animation still and a woodblock print. Rae-Yen Song (b. 1993, Edinburgh) is an artist living and working in Glasgow. Song studied at Glasgow School of Art, and works across sculpture, drawing, installation, video, sound, costume, family collaboration and performative actions in public. JJ Chan is an artist working across and amidst sculpture, moving image, and writing. Their work draws from lived experience and stories stolen from eavesdropped conversations, to explore the edges of our everyday realities and the ways in which we construct our identities. Through storytelling and world-building, the work (re)searches for an alternative space beyond aggressively progressive capitalist time, seeking new worlds from the ashes of the present.