Many Hands Make a Quilt: Short Histories of Radical Quilting by Jess Bailey

Jess Bailey

Common Threads Press, ISBN 9781916323483,
Pb, 52 pgs, 15 x 21cm
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Taking radical action is nurtured by quilting. Quilts are tender, fierce, and reliable. They are provocative and reparative. Quilts hold people and stories. As they conform to the unique shape of a body beneath their cascading surface, they affirm the vitality of love and safety. Throughout history, communities have turned to the collective intimacies of quilting in moments of need. This zine tells those stories. Written by Jess Bailey. Edited by Laura Moseley. Illustrations by Saffa Khan. With additional artwork by Kristyna Baczynski, Maisy Summer, & Alicia Rodriguez.‚Äč