La A Dybird - Rachel Cattle

Rachel Cattle

Ma Bibliotheque, ISBN 9781910055632,
Pb, 88 pgs, 10 x 17cm
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La a dybird. She is thinking about Echo-she is tracing her body. Recording sounds and images: Ladybird by Eileen Agar, a self-portrait by Gwen John, and the cover of the Slits album Cut-women naked; picking up on a landscape, a drawing, a memory of a live performance; sound and sounds, silence and clicks. Eileen Agar is haunting her and the Slits brush past her. She follows Gwen John's pencil line, insistently, rhythmically, through her Parisian bedroom, into K's brother's bedroom, while J holds down the button, loops the sound, and shimmering pink and blue graphics sweep in, fade out, breathing across the branches of a tree, daubed on her body. Dictaphone on.