Pretty Broad Tastes - Leslie Winer, Linder & Christopher Shannon

Rough Trade Books, ISBN 9781914236396,
Pb, 96 pgs, 18 x 21cm
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Pretty Broad Tastes is the first full collection of poems from the seminal artist and writer Leslie Winer. A literary and visual trialogue between Winer, Christopher Shannon and Linder after a decade of varied collaborative projects across the worlds of design, music, art and performance, Pretty Broad Tastes marks the latest embarkation point on Leslie Winer's wholly original artistic odyssey through both the mainstream and counter-cultural landscape of the past half a century. As befits a boundless artistic imagination, and an instinct that has consistently anticipated the zeitgeist while exhibiting the bravery of the avant-garde, these poems are fractured, amorphous linguistic experiments in code-making and codebreaking, yielding emotional truths and a visceral physicality through a definitively modern modernist project. Presented here alongside a pamphlet of photomontages by the artist Linder, and a series of images collected by Christopher Shannon, augmented by annotations in Winer's handwriting. Together, these pamphlets create a single work - and object of intrigue, open-hearted and available to a multitudinous readership's discreet and varied interpretations. Touching on the images and imagery of the artists' combined obsessions, their cultural environments, their shared and separate histories and memory, this is a genuinely unique, enigmatic, and genre-defying work of art. Heldtogether in a specially designed folder containing the three pamphlets by the individual artists, this 'object of intrigue' also contains a foldout of poetry by Leslie Winer,  a "PrettyBroad Tastes" flexidisc feat. vocal by Leslie Winer & music by MaxwellSterling, a postcard by Linder and a Matchbook.