Privacy Policy

The privacy of both our trade and individual clients, and of all visitors to our website, is fundamental to Art Data’s operations. While our website collects minimal data in its primary functioning, more detailed personal information is requested in order for us to collect and process orders. This data is protected and secured with the utmost regard. 

This privacy policy covers all the personal data collected and used by Art Data.

-Art Data is responsible for the processing of any personal data collected via this website.

-The personal data you provide us with refers to any information that may directly or indirectly identify you. This personal information may include information such as your email, area code, a contact phone, a user name, a billing address or a credit or debit card number. It could also include numerical identifiers such as your IP computer direction or the information we get through the cookies policy. Please see our cookie policy here.

-Any user can withdraw their data consent at any time.

-With the clear purpose of safeguarding the security of your personal information, we have taken every technical and organizational measure needed to guarantee the safety of your information, including any modification, loss, treatment or unauthorized access.