Kaveh Kazemi - My Days In Troubled Ireland

Nazar Research Cultural Inst, ISBN 9786001523007,
Hb, 144 pgs, 22 x 29cm
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Kaveh Kazemi got his start in 1979 by covering the Iranian Revolution and its aftermath, but in 1984 he decided to leave his homeland and expand his career as a photojournalist. For his first self-commissioned assignment abroad, he chose Northern Ireland. Diving into the heart of Belfast during the Troubles, Kazemi was able to link up with key IRA contacts and photograph the conflicted neighbourhoods, marches, scores of murals, and British military patrols and checkpoints that set the tone during the turbulent 1980s in the region called Ulster. His keen eye for detail against this backdrop of violence now serves as a reminder of a painful past in this collection of photographs.