Musings Of A Curious Aesthete - Leonard Koren

Leonard Koren

Imperfect Publishing, ISBN 9780981484679,
Pb, 160 pgs, 14 x 22cm
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This is a book about aesthetics that is both a memoir & design critique. Among questions it addresses are: What inspires an aesthetic adventure? What is the best way to respond to ugliness? Is beauty always "good"? What is the crux of an artist's job? Why is "making nothing" beautiful? And what is a "beautiful human being"? Leonard Koren, who trained as an artist and architect, was the founder and publisher of 'WET: The Magazine of Gourmet Bathing', a key publication in the development of Postmodern graphic design. Koren has subsequently written and designed numerous books about art, design and aesthetics. Among his books are 'Wabi-Sabi - For Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers' and 'Arranging Things: Rhetoric of Object Placement'. The illustrator is Marco Koren, a young Californian artist with a passion for drawing.